About Us


The three of us met at Camp Celtic on the Bruce Peninsula, in the summer of 2012. We were working as summer camp counselors, teaching rock climbing, sailing, soccer, archery, arts & crafts and wilderness survival skills. Between the campers and campfires, capture the flag games and goofy skits, the rewards of spending the hottest months of the year immersed in nature teaching kids about the outdoors and the ways of camp impacted us all greatly. In the five years since, we have spent every summer together pursuing this dream. Every sweaty canoe trip, all camp game and night under the stars serves as a reminder that real experiences and connection are what allow us to truly learn and grow as people. For us, being able to continue to interact with and educate children in an outdoor environment is the most worthwhile and fulfilling endeavor we could imagine. For many kids, the friendships formed in the summer surrounded by wilderness and stars are the ones that last a lifetime. We believe that in our modern world of technology and social media, it is more important than ever to get younger generations out into the forest and surrounded by our species natural habitat. By garnering hands on wilderness survival skills and practical knowledge about ecology and biodiversity, kids have a chance to participate in a different kind of education, one that is full of new experiences and adventure.